14030015.11 Louvre panel and bin kit 3x vertical 1.0M panels with 60 bins. Manufactured in the U.K. Fully flanged and reinforced steel panel for wall mounting, punched with louvred form and pre selected mixed colour bin kit Bott Perfo provides simple, adaptable, panel based storage that is ideal for hand tools and small components backed up by the Bott Built To Last 10 year guarantee. WxH: 1371x991mm. Bin kit: 12x 2002 yellow, 12x 2002 red, 12x 2002 blue, 6x 2003 yellow, 6x 2003 red, 6x 2003 blue, 2x 2004 yellow, 2x 2004 red, 2x 2004 blue. Panels finished in epoxy powder coat paint

Louvre Panel And Bin Kit 1371 x 360 x 991mm

SKU: 14030015
  • 2-3 Working Weeks