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Our Range

Take a closer look at some of our key products, features and differences to help you choose the right solution for you.

Durable & Reliable


Choose Bott Cubio for advanced applications and demanding environments

Ergonomically designed, bott cubio is our professional, heavy-duty storage system, suitable for the most demanding applications. Perfect for custom projects, the modular range covers drawer cabinets, cupboards, workbenches and accessories. bott cubio is configurable to suit individual processes and can be adapted over time.

  • bott integrated system design

  • Mobile and static options

  • 75kg / 200kg U.D.L capacity drawers

  • 100% extension drawer slides

  • Comprehensive accessory range

  • 10-year extended guarantee

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Functional & Adaptable


Choose Bott Verso for practical, affordable solutions

Our adaptable verso range offers simple functionality, combined with high-quality and excellent value-for-money.


Encompassing drawer cabinets, cupboards, benches and workstations, bott verso is suitable for a variety of applications, in many different industries.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes

  • Mobile and static options

  • 75kg U.D.L capacity drawers and shelves

  • Optional drawer blocking mechanism

  • 100% extension roller bearing slides

  • Comprehensive accessory range

  • 10-year extended guarantee

SR75 Suzuki - Stolen Bikes REZIZEDBANNER.jpg


Flexible Efficiency 

Choose Bott Perfo for easy access to tools, small parts and equipment

Simple and adaptable, our classic perfo system is the foundation for efficient small parts storage. Developed over 40 years ago, perfo continues to be essential in product innovation and range integration.

Incorporating wall panels, cupboard systems, mobile or free- standing solutions and a wide variety of accessories, perfo storage is exceptionally versatile with an unlimited range of applications.

  • Integrates with Cubio and Verso systems

  • Perfo, louvre or combination panel options

  • Diverse range of accessories

  • Ideal for LEAN and 5S storage systems

  • Custom requirements available

  • 10-year extended guarantee



Tooling Protection 

Choose Bott CNC for organised, protected high value tooling

Our CNC storage systems are designed to organise and protect expensive machine tools from damage, theft or loss. With clear storage and identification, tool handling can be kept to a minimum, workflows improved and machine set-up time reduced.

For most types of CNC machine tooling, our specialist range includes workbench mounted units, trolleys and high-capacity cupboards and cabinets.

  • Integrates with cubio and perfo systems

  • Static and mobile options

  • Fits most types of CNC machine tooling

  • 10-year extended guarantee

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