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Why Bott?

Bott Head Office / UK Manufacturing Plant Bude

Wilhelm Bott founded a mechanical workshop in a mill near Gaildorf in 1930 - the nucleus of today's Bott Group. As early as 1940, the company employed 70 people.

Today, the group employs around 950 people and generates annual sales of EUR 132 million. Alongside three production sites Germany, England and Hungary, the Bott Group currently has numerous subsidiaries in Europe as well as a global network of approved licensing partners.  Bott is the leading international manufacturer of vehicle equipment, workshop equipment and workstation systems.

With FP as a trusted UK distribution partner, Bott can quickly design and manufacture products to meet the demands of the global marketplace. Bott has a strong reputation for high product quality, durable solutions, service excellence and value for money supported by FP's 60 years of distribution experience.

An integral part of both Bott and FP's corporate philosophy is meeting customer specifications and project requirements with a meticulous attention to detail.


Bott's development departments are constantly working on new and innovative solutions, focusing on creating better working environments, efficient working and user safety.


Bott and FP are certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 at their UK sites ensuring they meet the highest standards of industrial supply.

Bott products also carry the GS symbol for TÜV approved safety. Bott is a manufacturer of high quality workplace and storage solutions.

The Bott philosophy is based on total quality, rapid response, value for money and reliability.


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