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Cubio VS Verso

What are the differences and how to choose? Schools or colleges, hospitals, offices, warehouses, scientific labs, aerospace, automotive, marine, power generation or simply your home garage...Bott products adapt to any environment!

Cubio is our most advanced offering. Its main assets are durability, strength (thanks to reinforced steel housings) and robustness, supporting heavy items up to 1.5T. Most standard Cubio products come with standardised features:

  • Drawer blocking mechanisms

  • Scuff resistant galvanised pans

  • Safety trigger locking

  • Raised edge top trays with quality inlaid mats

Optional features include:

The Cubio workbench range allow you to build custom workstations for complex workloads. For example pedestal workbenches, storage benches, rear framework systems complete with Perfo and or Louvre panelling. For a demanding environment Cubio is the perfect option.

Verso is versatile. For use in all industries, simple, affordable, and perfectly fits the needs of a less heavy-duty environment. Verso delivers a professional image that will withstand the rigours of daily use and can be easily adapted over time as your requirement evolves. The range includes cabinets, mobile cabinets, cupboards, wall cupboards, workbenches and accessories in a wide range of sizes with an array of options to choose from:

Im summary, the Cubio range is ideal for demanding industrial environments. Verso while built to the high standards we set ourselves is more cost effective and better suited to less demanding environments. They both come with a large range of standard options and can be custom built for the perfect fit. The products, made in the UK, are designed for the best ergonomic experience, tested to withstand the most challenging of industrial environments, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited, and have a 10 year ‘Built to Last’ guarantee for peace of mind. Both ranges can be customised in any colour or combination of colours. Environment specific coatings can also be provided upon request including antibacterial and ESD.

By choosing Bott you invest in a high-quality, professional long-term workplace storage solution.

Want to learn more about Perfo, CNC and how they compare to and complement the Cubio and Verso range? Browse the online store here or download the full PDF catalogue here

Each workplace is unique. With our free, bespoke design service we will help you build your perfect storage solution.

Contact us at | +44 (0) 121 707 3838 to get your project started!


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